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Have you experienced the power of an interactive CD brochure?

Printed media has images and text, radio has sound, television has images, sound and video.

NONE of the above has the magic factor of a CD brochure, interactivity, how many times do you switch channels during the adverts? unless that is it is your favourite advert. With an interactive CD ROM the user is in control, they decide where they want to go and what they want to watch. It really is the ultimate in marketing presentations, able to contain:-

Text of any colour
Sound including voice
Video clips with sound
Internet Connectivity
And more.

There really is nothing like it, want to let them know your latest prices? then a 'click here for latest prices' button will take them directly to your web page, holding the most up to date information. NO more out of date price sensitive printed brochures for you.

Low cost design, low cost low volume print runs, updatable at the drop of a hat to prevent waste..

What more can we say? If you use printed brochures currently then imagine that for the price of 5,000 double sided A4 flyers, you could have a 50 page interactive brochure with full screen high resolution or even video footage.

Call or e mail us now for a sample of one of our interactive CD brochures, or simply to ask us a few questions.

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