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Web design is crucial to the success of your online presence, how many times have YOU been really disappointed with a website when you visit it? too many times I would say.

Although that is an obvious statement many people dont understand exactly what is being said. People will come to your website from a number of sources, Advertising on and offline, Search Engines, links etc, but the one thing that all these means will have in common is expectation.

Everyone who visits your website will have an expectation level. Visitors from a Search Engine Results Page, will have a fairly high expectation level, as you will have to have appeared near to the top of the list for them to have found you, and if your at the top, then you must be the best right?

Website design is not simply about putting together a few pages linked to each other, it is oh so much more than that. You have to consider your visitor first last and at everyplace between. Your website is not built for YOU, it is built for your customers, you just get to pay for it, oh and make money from it.

A good design has to be clean, fast loading, informative and easily deliver your message, never trade off usability for looks as it will cost you money.

Your website is not a separate entity from your business, it should in fact be an extension of it. Corporate image is as important to a small owner operated business as it is to a large multi national, sometimes even more so.

Your letter head, business card, and compliments slip are always the same, so why have an alien design for your website? Familiarity and continuity are two strong factors in building trust, and trust online is a crucial part of success.

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