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If you build it they will come, does not apply to the web. The internet was so named as it is the international network of computers. The World Wide Web (WWW) was so named as it is a web of pages, sites and networks, all linked to each other via something called 'hyperlinks'.
Linking is what makes the web what it is, without links your website is a desert island that is not on any map.
The web is mapped by search engines and directories who act like post masters and librarians delivering visitors to your site. Just like in life, unless you tell people where you live, your not going to get any letters, and, unless you tell the search engines and directories where you are they are not going to recommend you to any visitors.
Recommend is the key word here in web promotion or web marketing as it is also known. ALL websites that are accepted into a search engine  or directory data base, are graded by some form or other. Directories use human editors mostly who manually check your site and grade it accordingly. Search engines use automated systems, and computer programmes called 'spiders' that run around the web following links and adding pages to their database.
Whatever route is taken, ALL search results will be delivered on a quality graded basis, and this is where the search engine optimisation specialist comes into his own.
Luck plays absolutely no part in being at the top of the results page on a search, what gets you there is marketing, make no doubt about it. Search engines are successful for one reason alone, delivering relevant results. No user is going to return to a site that has delivered bad results consistently.
We are able to analyse a web page, we have spent a lot of time researching exactly what both your user AND the search engines want. Our websites are consistently at the top of the search results, we can provide a list of live searches on request by e mail for you to click on and check, no need to take our word for it then, see it for yourself.
When the guy on the door says those magic words, 'if you ain't on the list, you ain't coming in' well, if your not in the first page or two of results, your CUSTOMERS ain't coming in, to your site that is.
If you already have a website we can analyse and adjust that site for you to ensure it ranks and appear high in search results, EVERY site we design is optimised as part of the deal initially.
One last thing, if you are looking to hire an optimisation or web marketing company, then be sure to visit google, print out their advice to webmasters and information on bad techniques that are listed, and, AFTER a company have told you how they intend to do the job, compare it to the Google guidelines.
Just like in any world, there is the right way, and the wrong way to do things, we, do it the right way. Never have we had a website penalised or removed from the listings, never have we had a website refused by a directory or search engine.
Contact us now for complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we do what we say.
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